Download IE8 Optimized for Yahoo

What is new in the Optimized Internet Explorer.Internet explorer has been the most popular browser for a long time. Off lately Firefox and Chrome from Google has tried to capture some of the browser segment away from Microsoft’s Internet explorer but Internet explorer has come up with optimization by yahoo to provide several value added features and make it fast and secure to use.

Yahoo is well known for its collection of new and other content collection and

optimization by yahoo means that you can virtually have the Yahoo features on your finger tips .
Internet explorer 8 optimized version provides better protection against online threats such as fraudulent sites and spy ware. The bundled yahoo tool bar comes with CA anti Spy ware

You can now browse the Web faster as a result of optimization in the internet explorer 8
There are New tools that provide easier access to your favorite sites like ebay , Wikipedia , flickr etc with built-in Yahoo Homepage, Yahoo Toolbar and Yahoo Search so that you don’t have to download a barebones ie8 browser and than look for and add yahoo tool bar and search.

Installation is simple and you can choose a default option typical installation , which is good for most of the users , or can choose to have a customized installation. The express settings has some of the features enabled by default . These features are search update, download provider update, smart screen filtering and internet explorer as a default browser.

These settings can be changed by choosing custom installation or later on using browser preference from tools – Internet settings menu.

Site Suggestion
IE 8 optimized for yahoo can learn from your browsing history and can provide `you the site suggestion . This is of great help when you are not very sure where or what to look for.
This, However, is an optional feature and you can turn it off if you do not like it.

Faster Web Browsing Experience
Internet explorer 8 helps you use the internet faster than before. The accelerators let you preview online services just by pointing mouse to the urls. New features like search suggestion, retrieves information as you type on the keyboard. This saves a lot of time because you do not have to see the result page and search again. You can directly click on your target suggested search.

Customized search box
The search box in IE 8 optimized browser provides up to four sources like,, Wikipedia , flickrand yahoo news to search the item. You can type a search item and select one of these sites to search in them. For example if you are looking for the meaning of a word you can direct search from the search box, instead of getting a search page and clicking on Dictionary from there. This is of great help for writers and researchers and causal searchers as well .

Spy ware Protection
To address the growing problem of spy ware yahoo toolbar has built in anti spy application powered by Computer Associates (CA). You can install and use it directly from your yahoo tool bar. whenever you feel the need to check your computer for spy ware you can just run it from your yahoo toolbar. Yahoo tool bar comes bundled with Internet explorer so that you don’t have to download and install it separately.

My apps Feature
You can add and put the buttons of your favorite &
frequently used sites like ebay , Dictionary, Wikipedia , flickr , yahoo news , on the tool bar and directly access these sites in a new browser tab. Your time is saved in typing and accessing these from browser address bar.

Search Highlighter
The browser provides a high lighter and you can highlight your search results with this . This save lots of time reading through the results as you can quickly browse through highlighted search results

Supported platforms
Supported platforms Internet Explorer 8 optimized by yahoo is supported for following operating systems.
- Windows XP 32-bit with Service Pack 2 or higher with a minimum of 64MB RAM and 150MB disk space
- Windows Vista 32-bit or 64-bit with a minimum of 512MB RAM and 115MB disk space

To sum up, IE 8 optimized for Yahoo offer more web friendly experience as compared to the other browsers.

You can download and Install Internet Explorer 10 optimized for Yahoo from the link below and have a new browsing experience.

Internet Explorer 10 Enhanced by Yahoo

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